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SPA - Stampaggio Plastica Affini is a modern, dynamic, efficient company specializing in the design, industrialization, and production of components made of thermoplastic materials. A reliable, efficient partner for the integrated management of all production stages: from component

design to moulding, and from the production of plastic components for every field of application to various assembly and post-processing operations. Its corporate structure, the quality and dedication of its employees, their design skills, and their expertise allow SPA to complete complex, technologically challenging projects.

SPA's level of plant automation and the flexibility of its production system allows the company to create products capable of meeting the highest aesthetic and technical standards.


The company's corporate structure continuously pursues efficiency. The production is organized according to an M.R.P. (Manufacturing Resources Planning) approach that allows for managing all the primary processes, supplies, and work orders, in order to optimize the work of everyone involved and to ensure flexibility in planning and punctuality of supplies.

Teamwork, a thoroughly organized production process, and flexible procedures make SPA a company capable of providing quality products at competitive prices with extremely rapid response times.


SPA continually invests in refresher courses and training for its employees, through vocational training courses, technical seminars, research and development activities, and collaboration with Universities and Research Centres.

Its qualified, specialized personnel is able to ensure effective, comprehensive services throughout all industrial process activities: from the earliest design choices to the most complex post-processing operations.


SPA designs and manufactures products and components made of thermoplastic materials for every market sector. It has a long history and a wealth of experience within various industrial sectors with a wide range of applications.

The items it produces can be found in everyday working of life, driving a car, riding a scooter, turning on a light, or even making a cup of coffee!

The primary market sectors in which it works include the automotive, biomedical, communications, electrical components, electronic, electromechanical, and diving equipment industries.